Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scraps, a Fat Quarter and a Hunk of Fabric

Yep, that makes me extremely happy.  Some scraps, a fat quarter and a half yard hunk of yellow fabric is how much I've used in the past several days.  ;~)  Doesn't take much to make me happy does it.  LOL!
The yellow patchwork doll blanket is 20" x 16", a perfect doll blanket size.  Many of the floral purple scraps were pulled to unify this quilt and I choose to let them flow in a diagonal design.  Most of these scraps were from an Irish chain colorwash quilt I made around the turn of the century.  Imagine that!  All of these languishing in my scrap basket, it's time to set them free into the world.
For the backing I used some minkee scraps.  It's those bits you cut off around the perimeer and were narrow so I had to piece them with a centered seam.  Now it's a cuddly and very tactile element that's finished.  Of course there is still plenty of that to use.

I forgot how much fun it was doing these smaller projects.  While I was working on them I also had an epiphany.  Considering that recent baby quilt that I finished this past month, the Wee Wander one that I'm not yet sure where it's going, I plan on making a doll blanket out of it's scraps to go with it for the little girl who gets it.    Figure it'll be a beautiful gift a quilt for baby and her dollies.  She'll love her babies with the same blanket "Mommy" had. 
After I meet more of my self-imposed deadlines, I'll get to that - promise!
I did mention this to my Mom and she thought it was a fantastic idea.
Thanks for the endorsement Mom.  (see insanity is a genetic theme with in our family line. lol)

This litlle quilt measures 16 inches square, rather large for that little bee,
but I just know the recipient will have a doll or two that would love to use it  too..

In case you missed the stuffed animal, it's a cute little bee.  So many children scream when a bee buzzes around them that I hope this lil' one will foster kindness and a sense of respect and hopefully even a love toward these creatures, which we all know are a necessity for all of mankind.

It also has embroidered eyes and doesn't have any removeable buttons so it will be safe for any child.

That fabric mentioned is just the amount used up on those stuffed animal and doll quilts I've worked on.  The two yellow and purple quilt combinations are totally done and I'm currently working on the third which is totally scrappy and made up of 2 1/2" squares.  Again making it a comfortable 20" x16" quilt.   

What do you think of this scrappy mess?   I have some dark brown minkee scraps I thought for the baking and perhaps using a bright green for a binding.  There is a frog in my studio that wants a covering.

This past Saturday it was time for our circle of friends quilting group gathering.  Since we got together at a local fire station that has with plenty of space I have to add, 3 items that were pieced and awaiting quilting got layered for that next step, QUILTING.    I also was able to cut binding for all three of these as well as cut up that yellow half yard fabic into 2 1/2" strips so I could humpjump with some of my scraps while doing other projects.  Then before you knew it, I had a doll quilt finished. 

They were:
1-  A fall themed table runner that I utilized the fabric print with some quick borders slapped on.  Thanks Gina for the idea to KISS (keep it simple stupid  silly).
2- The twin size horse quilt for PGD#1's charity quilt for that young man in Nicaragua.
3- A charity quilt double-queen size for my quilt guild in Glens Falls.

I had trouble doing the last one and it may need to get relayered with a wider table set up, we'll see.   Hopefully, I'll get the first two quilted in the next week before Thanksgiving so there will be some easy hand stitching around while I finish the binding especially while we have family and friends stopping by for the Holiday. 


Friday, November 7, 2014

Going smoothly...

Things are going smoothly around here, despite the snow that started falling.  I am not ready, please make it stop! 
DH has left the hot tub open longer this season and it'll have to be closed soon. Inserting my whiniest voice for that, Sitting in it daily makes it so much easier for me.  When that's closed all the solar lighting will have to be stored as well as the last few other items that need tending so we can bunker down for the winter.

Our neighbor had a turn of bad luck on the 24th of October.  Their class A camper had an electrical fire.    It didn't take long before it was just a skeleton and they are not sturdy by any means.   They were just getting it packed up to head south for the winter.  Luckily they weren't on a highway or sleeping in it.  No one was hurt, Thank God.

As for project progresses made:
**That Backhoe door/vinyl repair was attempted and without success so it was given back to my sister in law.  I broke a needle in three different places and it jammed up my machine.  The stitches were huge loops and when I knew the Bernina didn't sound right and tried to take it off, it didn't want to release it.  I had one bugger of a time so I knew it couldn't be done here. I mentioned to my SIL that I figure an upholstery shop or boat/canvas repair shop might be able to help them out.  She was truly grateful for my attempt.

**McKenna-PG#1, finished that jack-o-lantern pillow for her Mom's Birthday on November 22nd, but couldn't wait to give it to her.  lol    She did a fantastic job.  I did quilt it for her and helped her years ago with most of the embroidery after she had colored the pumpkin.  The rest she did in stages with me helping her by pinning it together and directions with  the next step.  Here it is......

There wasn't any pattern, just an idea which morphed into a colored picture then we went step by step to create her pillow. 

She learned numerous techniques with this project.  Simple up and down stitching, coloring on fabric, selecting fabrics with auditions, doing a partial seam, inserting a zipper and lining, and using a zig zag stitch.  Well done honey!  With the crafting for kids recently offered through web sights with Sew Cal gal, I should share her craft there. Perhaps there will be another time for that since it's a bit too late and it was a long project.  Way to go Honey, I am so proud of you!!!!!

**The Wee Wander (WW) baby quilt was attempted with just Minkee fabric on the back.  Then that minkee fringing started showing up on the top of the quilt.  Grrrrr! Just last year I was able to use a minkee only for the backing on a batik quilt which has a much tighter weave and the "fringe effect" never showed up by coming through the top, I'll be playing around in the mean time to come up with how it's best to get that subtle drape I love for these cuddle quilts.   So for the WW, I ripped out all of the stitches, re layered the top, thinnest batting I had and the minkee sprayed then pinned it and it's ready to try again. 

Feeling great since it's only the first week of Nov. has gone by.  Now if I can keep the mojo running to get to the rest of my declarations done, wish me luck!
Next there is some paperwork on the horizon ......


Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Desires

I hope to progress on several PIGs and UFOs so my focus this month will be to:

1- Quilt Wee Wander Baby Blanket ( no intention declared for this yet, just to have it done and on hand.)  I'm attributing this project as my ALYOF project with Melissa and H20 girl at Fiber of all sorts.
2- Quilt the Horse quilt PGD#1 made for the boy in Nicaragua. Also, I need to cut the binding so she can learn the binding making technique at one of our upcoming sewing sessions. 
3- Quilt and Bind the Community Project quilt for WFQG.
4- Make two stuffed animal quilts for CVQG.

Here are a couple of photos of the group project our CVQG is doing.  Making stuffed animal quilts to give.  These will be going to the Vermont's Children's Hospital in Burlington, VT.   

They are the cutest things you ever did see.  From tiny small to a much larger size, we hope the children these go to will enjoy and love them for years to come, hopefully making their illness plights easier to handle.  I think I might atempt to make a sleeping bag style quilt for one of mine.  There is a frog and a teddy bear  that needs some blankets of love. 

5- Do something for myself, this will be my wild card. 
6- Help PGD#1 finish her pillow she started with the cupcake kids.  Almost done and it is too cute.  She's planning on giving this to her Mom for her Birthday on the 22nd.  Will be done this week!  I'll post and share photos after the finish.
7- Mend the vinyl on my Brother in Law's snap on weather protector for his backhoe.   Hopefully right after I get off this computer.   Edited 11/4- Attempted without success, but now I can cross this one off my list.
8- For Slow stitching Sundays I want need to start another cross stitch project.  Maybe another small one like the recent finish, a Shepherds Bush Christmas fob. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It's the end of October so besides the trick-or-treaters coming around tonight, today we'll be enjoying the Grandparents' Day at school with the youngest grandchildren.  A costume parade, meeting the teachers as well as a nice turkey dinner we don't have to prepare with both PGD#1 and PGS#3 will be nice.  Yesterday was actually our eldest grandson's 21st Birthday too, or where does that time go?  He is doing well and is still attending his school in Ma. hopefully being able to graduate with life skills next year.

Seems like each month time continuously speeds up to higher warp levels lately and I am always feeling way too rushed.  Several friends have lost their mothers recently so my time has been well spent just being there and attending the end of life services that have been bittersweet.  

I am so grateful that I still have my Mom to enjoy.  She actually is heading back to Florida this am as she was able to come visit for the past 10 days.  Didn't get to see her that much, only several times as she enjoyed time with all of my  other siblings along the way, so that's okay, I can share nicely.  With my schedule and transporting the kids to their respective groups; speech, hockey, gymnastics and hip hop class not to mention all the other trips to town needed it's no wonder I went to bed at 7:45 last night!  Of course I won't mentioned the margaritas I shared with Mom for our last  meal.  I crashed when I got home.

The Scaredy Sheep Scissor Fob is completed and looks nice. CHECK! that one off my list.
Table Runner for that new to me sofa table was made when I got the Halloween decorations out, CHECK! that's off my list too.
The Boo! Table Mat hasn't been started yet, but I still have 20 more hours until October ends, LOL (aren't I ever the optimist or should I say fool).

The pics towards the top of this post shows additional projects I started and finished.  That carved pumpkin showing a witch stirring a cauldron over flames done on one of those perpetual pumpkins.  I started it then had DH complete it since I don't have the power with my arms to control the dremel tool.  It was too difficult to manage with my neck spine difficulties and he didn't mind.  Thanks Honey!.
Also with the help of the youngest two grandchildren we created a beautiful wreath for our front door.  It has black roses, many skeletons, and skulls along with a myriad of spiders and glittery bits of whimsical color spinning outwards.  Looks great if I say so myself and I am pleased.  As for sharing the photos, DH has been taking pictures off our older computer and added them to this one and now I can't get to any of my pictures in the normal pattern.  When trying to download the camera, RITZ pics comes up and downloads them there, not my usual autoplay download so I am totally lost!  It also seems to distort the photos where they are more grainy than ever.  How irritating!  It's been fixed!  Not sure how I can fix that.  I  just need a few more hours, days and perhaps even weeks to manage that.   Grrr........! 
Perhaps I best go back to bed now and catch a few more Zzzzzz's. 

If any body has a tip to get our auto feature fixed, I'd sure appreciate it.

Good Night,

PS:  Last month's book club selected Morning Glory by LaVerle Spencer my Librarian recommended and I truly enjoyed it.  Right now I'm reading November's selection of Still Alice by Lisa Genova and it's pulling me in. It's about a mid life college professor being diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and talking about screening for the APP, PS1 and PS2 mutations. I think I'll be googling that to read more about it. Even though I'm retired, that lab technician nerdy side of me still wants more information. MUWAWhaha ha ha........

Brody PGS#3 with Addison, a friend he's had since daycare, preschool and now they're in Kindergarten together.  
(He's insisting on her not calling him "Brodybear" anymore, lol.)

Witchy McKenna, PGD#1 with a friend of hers she's had since they were infants, Lexus. 
Their Moms are great friends too.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Goals

I figured to help push me to getting some quilty things progressed and even finished, I'd propose what I want to complete in October on this forum.  So I plan to finish:

1- Shepards' Bush counted cross stitch design Scissor fob, Scaredy sheep.

2-A fall runner for this oak sofa table I saw, then bought this table along the side of the road during one of my travels, what a deal!  Didn't fit where I first thought it could,  but then came up with an alternative that works just right.

3-Table Mat with the Boo!  A kit purchased a year or two ago through Connecting Threads.

There is a challenge up at Fiber of all Sorts. called ALYF (a Lovely Year of Finishes) so I'll attritube that Table Mat project for my October finish there.  Hopefully this will keep me on track and supply the mojo needed to succeed!

I did complete a few items throughout my summer and early fall, inserting a very happy grin here.

This pile of fabric was turned into this quilt top:
The panel was by Sarah Jane via Michael Miller called Wee wanders.  Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  So that makes another top I need to get quilted and bound. 
I was able to get a community project quilt for my local CVQG guild finished.  Got it layered, quilted and bound also but never grabbed a photo of it.
I still have another community quilt for my oother guild, WFQG.  It needs to get layered, quilted and bound;
THEN a quilt my grand daughter made for a young boy in Nicaragua I still need to layered, quilted and bound;
AND  then those 3 quilts I never finished quilting from last years quilt show need more quilting.  

Houston, I am seeing a pattern here.  
Next month perhaps I should make one of those my priority, now that's an idea, PROMISE!

A mola purse I purchased and started years ago while at a Quilt show in Pennsylavania I think.  I finished adding my>bling< to it while camping in Vermont.  Savorski crystals from Cheri's crystals in Texas were used.  While rummaging through this UFO project box, I thought another project I finished in September, a Jenny Beyer - quilters sidekick could use a little flash too.  In fact, I just ordered a few more packages since I didn't have any black, jet or hematite colored crystals.

Not  sure if I want to highlight that paisley design on the front, or  perhaps a large J or E for my name placed katty-wompus on the cover somewhere.
I just threw in a couple of bills and a colored pamphlet so you could see it in use.

This kit was a quick project to get done.  It will be nice way to carry around a sewing project is what I'm thinking. 

There are still other bits I was able to get done.  I will be back to share when I think of them and have more time to share.
The cupcake kids meet this afternoon and I've got to get going. 


Friday, October 3, 2014

Football games, youngest grands here.....

So much for posting once a month!  What's that they say against the best laid plans?   Well of of my blogging plans were thrown out somewhere and I've had all I can do to keep up.  Since the last post DH and I have had more Doctors appointments, heart work ups for him (another catherization) and surgery for myself.  The gardens are being closed up and finished up until next year and there's yet more to get done for them.  Landscape blocks laid around the perimeter being one item, etc....

So I'll give some bits that happened through our summer.

PGS#2 had Prom with his beautiful girlfriend, Kayla.
Josh and Kayla May 2014

PGD#1  and family went to Disney- Of course they had to let her be a princess 2014 they all enjoyed themselves immensely.

PGS#1 received 2 awards at school in June and we were able to get to Mass for it.  :)

Youngest grandson, PGS#3 graduated preschool with super star and a more serious photo of him in the center,
way to go, lil' guy

the whole family attended the ceremony


Husband and his two sisters at a nephew's graduation party

grand daughter acting silly with her favortie 'spaghettios"

First time fishing for each of them and they each caught 7 fish!
A great time and a picnic near Lake Champlain

Our maple tree is glorious!

DH at one of our favorite spots after a football game near Lake Placid.

Daughter participated in her first race with friends and coworkers. The Muderella in Maine and she had a blast!

It's been a rush and there's so much more.  Sewing and quilting have taken a back seat for a bit but I was able to attend a quilt weekend to attend a Hunter's Star quilt class with a friend, Trudy along with another friend Cathie who did another class and studio time too.  Was able to have fun, sew, and make new friends, (Elsie and a few others) so was a very nice "me" time spent in September.   : )   Will be sharing that project on another day. 


Friday, June 13, 2014

triskaidekaphobia or Friday the 13th phobia

That is not a trait I have.     I just find it neat that this June's Full Moon (aka: Strawberry Moon or also known as the Honey Moon) falls on the same day as Friday the 13th.  Not that we could see the moon in our area with all the rain fall.

 My apologies to my readers and followers of the inactivity here lately. In the future I hope to post at least once a month of whatever highlights are going on. But the yard and gardens have been taking most of my time with my abilites and energies.

I've been planting whenever I can between raindrops, extreme heat with that humidity or errands pulling me away, it's amazing that anything has really been done..... but the gardens are really taking great shape, the process is close to getting completed, YEAH ME!!!.   Synchronistically an email highlight I received today from Neale Donald Walsch  states:  ...that when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is not beneficial to go out and build more tunnels.
Message received, LOL!

My sewing and quilting though have taken a third row seat with all the gardening chores I've been attending, besides of course medical appointments, grandchildren tending and the normal duties that eat up my time. Notice that's a third row seat not even a back seat!

First up, I'll share a photo of my March UFO finish.  Just in time for 2015, I'm not late, I'm early!  LOL 
This was one of my finishes from the annual quilt retreat I attend in March with Trudy. 
Actually worked on the binding on National Binding Day.  Purely just by coincidence. 

We  had a blast as usual.   Great time reconnecting with friends and also got some UFOs progressed with.  A win win situation.  My double four patch is all assembled together for the center area, next is the border treatments.  Will be using both that WOW and the bolder lime green for it sometime in my future.

The blocks consist of fabrics I've had in my stast for years.  This dark purple floral print in the center was leftovers from a top I made my baby girl back in 1978 or something like that.  Great to see all those family fabrics thrown into this quilt top.

Also at the retreat I finished a couple of pillowcases with fabric I've had in since forever it seems. 

Mardee's quilt she uses on her bed that I'd love to make some time.  What a sweet little quilt.

Trudy was working on a fantastic Leaf quilt.  It is the last promise made for a friend's family (made from Cherl's start and  stash).  I know I have a picture of it somewhere but think it might be on my phone camera that I need to download.  Will share a photo of it when I find it. 
My PGD#1 has been crafting as well.  She's made so many of these rubber band bracelets that she's been taking and making orders from her friends at school.  She's only charging $1.00 per band and is becoming quite the entrepeneur. 
And the youngest grandson is a joy and loves assembling puzzles.  A nice family activity that we all enjoy.

It was rather late, but we finally got the fruit trees pruned and our oldest tree looks heathier for it.  Probably no fruit for this one this year but that's okay with me.  We are true gardeners at heart and will sacrifice now to enjoy the harvest later if need be.

Much has been going on will be back to share more soon.