Monday, February 16, 2015

Make a list Monday

Hope to get these six things done by next week:

1- Quilt 4 different colored blocks of the 40 diamond quilt
2- Quilt the doll quilt from the Wee Wander scraps I just threw together/
3- Stitch all the white on the bottom left corner of the  CXS Lizzie Kate Winter Alphabet
4- Cut some pink scraps for the RBSC and make some HST units.
5- Make pincushions, another idea
6- Finish reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich (am midpoint right now).

Remember how I said that one wool was shedding terribly several weeks ago while working on the candle mat?  While visiting with my friend Carole, she gave me a different piece of the same wool to use and just to be sure, I pulled out my needle punch foot with the coordinating stitch plate and felted the heck out of it just to be sure.  Worked like a charm.  It really changed the clarity of the houndstooth print  Since that foot combination was out, I photographed them and pulled the other Bernina accessories I own out and share how I store them.

This bead box purchased at Michaels is perfect for the majority of feet and makes it a quick access since they set on a shelf right behind my sewing chair.  The Bernina Feetures Books, the 1-3 set on the bottom shelf just below the feet for quick access.  It's amazing how many times I'll pull out these books for a reference.

Some of the feet came with each of my two Berninas and most of the rest were purchased at Quilt Shows with a 25% off and then some others when the Bernina LQS offered a 30% discount including Bernina Accessories.   A win - win for sure!
Of course I've been collecting them since my first Bernina 170 back in the 1990s and when I upgraded I made sure the feet would transition to the newer Bernina 440.   The most expensive of these was the binding foot combo which was close to $160 when purchased, that is if my memory serves me correctly.  That one was a "Non-smoking Gift to myself" to justify the expense.

I have been enjoying a quiet day home alone today.  That doesn't happen too often.   Seems nice to have the house stay picked up and clean without more effort needed.  Typically I am picking up discarded papers left on the counter, closing doors, cabinets and drawers left open, wiping up coffee spills, etc.... and that is just DH's doing not the grandchildren!  They'll all be here tomorrow so I'm getting off this thing and going to read in the silence and enjoy it immensely.  TTFN.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Echinacea Loop de Loop quilt pattern

Can I get a Whoot Hoot?   Am linking this up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

I finished the Skinny Strips Quilt on Wednesday.  It's a free pattern available at All People Quilt and was easy to do.  It started as a community service day project at the guild in Glens Falls.  Instead of following the pattern next time with so much waste, I'd sew 2  WOF strips Colored band and background together end to end.  Then cut the background fabric at different locations to offset the colored bands throughout the quilt top all the while keeping the steady 79 - 80" long 2 jelly roll strip units to have a wider quilt.  Each unit finishes at 2" so you can multiply that number to gauge how long you want the quilt.  ie:  36 strips would be 72",   40 strips would be 80", etc....  This look great with the sampling of different background fabrics both white and cream.

Found a nice print in my stash to use for the border.

Quilted it with a LOOP de Loop Enchinacea design (my own concept) which improved immensely with practice on my domestic sewing machine.  It was quilted in vertical bands since the quilt layout was horizontal stripes , I thought it complemented the design better.  That design also allowed the quilting to nest somewhat together.   Used a Valdani Dusty Pinks & Blues for both the top and bottom threads.  It's a nice long Staple cotton that's a 35 wt and 3 ply thread which is a hand dyed Variegated.
Found these Quilter tips handy to use with out my hands getting too hot, I'll definitely be using these again. The larger Supreme Slider was also perfect and a huge help.  : )

It's a good size, 62" x 72",  a pretty nice size for a nap quilt.  
Another community Service quilt is totally done and will be turned in on Saturday.  Whoot hoot!

Though it's too late to add my linky with Shanna at Fiber of All Sorts,   I 'll be getting to the Febrauray goal of quilting more on the 40 diamond quilt.  I have another idea spurning.

It's so cold here today -16 F  that with the wind chill they're saying it's like -30 F !
Lol,  Even the penguins would be dancing if they lived around here that is  to stay warm.  LOL
Copied the image from Sarah's blog when I saw it.  It's too cute!

Stay warm,

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

Linking up with Kathy for my stitching that's happening today.

Working on the binding......
one side a day is the plan.

It's still snowing, or should I say think it's snowing.  
Not a lot of accumulation thank goodness.  
Just enough to have perpetual grey skies with a little fluff floating down. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

A shadow and it been 41 Years!

Putxatawny Phil saw his shadow so that predicts 6 more weeks of winter.  It's also snowing outside and the schools are closed.  What's unusual is the grandchildren are not here, since their Mom had to go to work early this am and their Dad was getting them on the bus at their house before any knowledge of their school's closing.
I am looking forward to a quiet day here since today is truly our anniversary, the 41st one at that.  Knowing last week we'd have the younger ones here and have to transport to their functions, we celebrated early. Saturday night we attended a Wind Ensemble concert.  (Can I say now that it was a terrible one.  It was so bad that we left in the middle of it!) Then had reservations at one of our favorite restaurants followed by a visit to a piano bar afterwards.  All nice except that concert.  Why is it musicial conductors select a "modern day" virtuoso piece that resembles the warm up section of the concert.  Almost 2 hours of disjointed noise, some moments of it lighter and other times darker,   But YUCK all the same.  What happened to playing an easy listening concert for pure enjoyment without all that racket.  We weren't the only ones either,  I wonder if they'll ever realize with the diminishing attendance that's what its all about?

With the snow forecast of up to 10" for our region, I think our "date" this afternoon will involve snow shovels, romantic n'est pa?

I thoroughly enjoyed gathering with friends last night and loved seeing the patriots win.  What a fantastic game and you couldn't predict the winner until the game was over.    Loved the outcome!

Patriots vs Seahawks
28 to 24

  Enjoy your day.  Jane

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

Joining along with Kathy for the Slow Stitching Sunday and loving the progress made of the Lizzie Kate Winter.

Just noticed the upper left part of the V is weird, think I ran out of thread.  Off to check on it and get ready for the super bowl.  Meeting up with friends, our dish is all set and my portable project with hearts is all set.  

                                 Now who is playing?    

Just kidding,    

Go Patriots! 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blues making me happy and January's summation.

Blues are making me very happy this month.  The RBSC has been a great incentive to work through some of my blue scraps. Those 2 additional projects I mentioned several weeks ago that were a brain glimmer are now done.  Yippee!

Another snap bag, this time to hold those electronic adapters in the den near the computer.
For this I used the selvages of the fabric as the pull tabs to open the bag with.  
Ahhh,  gotta love a Free spirit fabric and especially since it has Nap Sack written there for all to see.  lol

The other blue remnant that was used was an apron panel thrown into the scrap basket.
So I rummaged through my stash for a different blue suitable for the lining and voila.
Another languishing pig is DONE!  That's 6 pigs done this month!
I think this PIG may very have been at least 12-15 years old if not older.   Sad isn't it that it took so long.

The directions says Winter Wonderland Apron, but I think it more Christmas themed.  
The only weird thing is that it has two Santa-s with sleds directionally heading right for each other.  

The fabric looks black here but trust me, it's dark navy.

The pin dot is what was used for the lining.  Any leftover navy pin dot will be used to make some more HST units for another community quilt project.   I'm on a new kick with making those HST units. For the apron it seemed easiest to sew right sides together then flip it inside out to finish with a top stitch.

Since it's finished, I'll pack it away for Christmas 2015.    Happy !

So the tally made for January is:
 1 circle ear bud zippered pouch,
4 snap bags,
1 apron,
10 quilt blocks for the RBSC and
more blues are ironed and cut so they're ready for a quick use  at a later time,

Made some hats with the grand children for the kitchen island's illuminated Birch tree.

 It's so cute!   There are 6 hats hanging on it now and I thought some ice skates or mittens out of felt could be made next year to continue the winter  theme .

Also finished reading the book: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, a nice read.  (Pulled me in quickly but I didn't care for the ending,  Just saying.)

AND the Quilting is so close to being done on another community quilt for my guild that I'm calling it done!

Not too shabby.

Hopefully I can keep this momentum going for February since the color for the month is PINK.

Another project I recently started is this wool table mat.  This will serve as my portable one which will be easy to take to basketball games, hockey  practice/games when the fan area is warm enough to stitch that is and then speech at the local college for the youngest grand child which also will be re-starting soon, so that will make another hour I could stitch after chaffeuring him to that.     ; )

The only thing wrong with this kit is one of those wools is shredding terribly without any abuse.  I'll be trading  that one out as I have some  red remnants left over from the valentine wool wall hanging I did last year and they didn't seem to fray at all.  4 hearts stitched so far with 4 more to go then the vine embroidery to stitch.  It mentions buttons but I'm thinking beads will be used on mine instead.  Making me  happy,  happy!

For my bigger quilting project for January with the Q-1 and a ALYOF I am almost done quilting it.


We celebrated our 41st anniversary this evening so I know I won't get to it tonight, but will finish it when I get up in the am which is close enough for a January finish in my book.

A different quilt design was stitched and I will share this finish at the beginning of next week.    Promise!  I have the binding all made so it'll be a relatively quick finish.  lol

As for the counted cross stitch project, that has progressed  nicely this month too.

My February endeavors and dreams are:  

Catch up with my BOMs is top on my list,
RBSC- PINK HST units in sets of 4.
Start working on some of the bird projects in my PIG pile,
Quilt the brown sashing areas of the Tweet Camping Quilt,
then if enough time quilt the bird themed  fabric squares too!
make the pink Rose pillow (that's a PIG),
A March themed wall hanging or two? (both of these are more PIGs),
make another doll blanket,
then make another table mat/runner or progress/finish the wool heart table mat shared on this post,
Get the snow scene finished on the bottom left section of counted cross stitch Lizzie Kate Winter's alphabet.
And Finish reading The Round House, by Louise Erdrich. It's really good so far. I'm up to page 100.

Goodbye January 2015, it's been quick but a good one.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Katjas Millefiori QAL for 2015, dreaming and skeeming

After seeing the Dale Chihully exhibit in Montreal 2 years ago with my Mom, I still dream of creating a quilt
combining a myriad of color but with cloth, my favorite medium as an artist- a self proclaimed one that is.

With the 2015 Millefiori QAl that Katya is hosting from her book, The New Hexagon, I had initially thought of using this QAL to make a Chihully fishing boat filled with hexagon fabric glass orbs.  But when I saw the "Maison de Provence" line offered through Connecting threads, I absolutely fell in love with the main print thinking it would be perfect for fussy cutting some of the hexies.  Ordered 1 yard, a layer stack of that line the Book The New Hexagon (at 40% off I might add) and then waited to see what the feel of the fabric was. I do love quality quilting fabric!   When it arrived, it felt really nice so while visiting some of my beloved local quilt shops Saturday during the "Visit your local Quilt shop day", I was able to find a few other fabrics to work with this long-termed project.   Here's a peak of all of it gathered together:

All the parts lined up for my idea for this New Hexagon QAL-
Maison de Provence j'adore!

Also I noticed Kim Diehl's line compliments nicely
adding just a pop of pink.
 This will be my DECADE Project.  I just know now that I'll piddle away on it and will finish it, but want to enjoy the process without any looming deadlines of a QAL.  I also happened  to notice that the Kim Diehl's line of fabric, Vintage Farmhouse also might work with it, so will be open to that possibility as well.  Am loving that deep teal/peacock color just now and I also have a few blacks that could go in as well which will make the colors more intense.

I'll share some of my first ever Hexagons.
Using a fat quarter of that sassy fabric, and brights for this project.
I  may put this on my horizon this summer to finish it off since lil' Miss is growing up.
She'll be 10 this year, my favorite number BTW.

Orientation was wrong for this one.
Will be used for a vase coaster since it doesn't line up correctly

These were made with Kaye Wood's View and Do Shapes technique and I thought a bed stand table mat for the grand daughter would be cute with these Hexies or a dresser scarf.

Knowing that I'll need to practice my skillz first, since I have never done any EPP (English Paper Piecing) before but have always wanted too, my first attempt will be to make a table runner for the living room with a fabric I found at Fibre Junction Quilt Shop on Saturday.

I brought a piece of the binding blue scrap from the Bird house wall hanging I made a few years ago with me to match the tone and shade for a sofa table runner.

Found a beautiful batik which I initially thought of using to make a disappearing four patch table runner for that site.  BUT, just this AM while reading my emails, I ran across this runner that Annette offered through Craftsy and purchased it quickly.

Where it will go.......

Here is that Island Batik print.

With synchronicity acknowledged, I just know this is right project to make for that table runner and with that batik.  So I will be doing that first as my EPP  learning curve.  

Of course I purchased more than that but will share more on another day.  That will be my project for the Spring Quilt retreat I attend with Trudy   :  )   For my own info, here are some other Hexagon related sights.
Full hexagon sheets are free at this web page:

Katya's Millefiori QAL for 2015 is here:

Supply area for paper piecing templates are here and the code for a 20% discount is "Getmy20" :

I'm getting off this time sucking machine now! Got to start getting some stuff done before the grand children get here.  J

Monday, January 19, 2015

January's Blues

This past week was a continuance to "avoid" the larger projects on my January list, choosing a couple of little projects that can be started and finished in a relatively short time.  It all started as I was purging those blue bits.....
First thing accomplished was a label that wasn't required then it was if you know what I mean.  I used a very pale blue scrap to make the label for the Nicaraguan Horse quilt using 2- 7" rectangles which finished off that remnant.  
It was printed onto the fabric after being adhered to freezer paper, colored with markers to make the cupcake paper area striped with a neon yellow and bright aqua blue to pronounce it a bit.  Then the shapes were stacked wrong sides together, outlined stitched, turned outside right and ultimately stitched onto the quilt back.  
It turned out cute, but I never grabbed a photo before the quilt was turned in.  Anyways, it looked sort of like this:    

These blues will make a nice blend for a quilt I have in mind but can't share here.
 It would give away the surprise I have in mind.
Second attempt of using blues came with making half square triangle (HST) units.  I plan to do that each month when Angela at So Scrapper calls for the next months' color focus with the RBSC.   I'm amazed by all the blue leftovers in my scrap bin as I normally don't gravitate to that color.  

This month was able to get 40 HST units made.  All the muslin squares are cut and the center line was marked diagonally with a pencil, (did that part during my local quilt guild meeting).

While sorting and purging, I found some larger pieces. Thinking, "Oh that piece looks big enough to make a bag", "oh that one too", now what compliments them I wondered then wandered off.  (lol... Did someone say "Squirrel?)

Then I found some larger remnants tucked away in the scrap bin.  Since I won a couple of different more modern fabrics in recent years past,  I had placed them in there to be used for zippered bags or snap bags.   So what was realized?   

Snappy Bags!

Used hair rubber bands to make the pull tabs.
Color is perfect.

The star fabric now houses the wind able rechargeable flashlight with it's multitudes of adapters for different phones it can also charge in case of an emergency.  Much nicer than the plastic package it came in if I do say so myself.

It will also store nicely in the nightstand drawer
and not get the flashlight lens scratched, another plus.

After finding another larger blue scrap that coordinated nicely with that beach/hotel print gave me to think of a bag for drink containers while at a water park, pool or beach where you can't bring a cooler.  So a HUGE Snap Bag was finished out of those.  

Happened to have a nice red/white woven ribbon
to make these pull tabs.
The size of this photo is not relevant since
this baby can hold a stack of six cans.
Will keep it cool enough without the weight
and bulkiness of a cooler besides fit in a beach bag!

There are 2 more blue projects I'd like to finish up before the end of the month.  Will share those  if they're  realized.  



Monday, January 12, 2015

January's peek

Here's a peek at what I've been up to.  Sorting, merging, and purging.  One huge basket  and one smaller one cleaned out and all sorted by mostly color.   Some day I'll share how I keep all these scraps in order.

The  RBSC color this month is blue so hopefully I'll be focusing on a table runner that I thought  of  this afternoon before the Meme Taxi runs into town for Grandchildren's activities and an errand for a pair of trammel points, (there's another table mat I want to get off the PIG pile).

As for my slow Stitching Sundays, that (Lizzie Kate Winter Alphabet counted cross stitch) project just reached an impasse.  I messed up counting my threads on the framing around the  letter V so was actually un-stitching them when the threads broke.  DO you know how hard it is to remember the actual sequence of the stitching you've done?   I had one of those Ah ha moments while making my tea this AM, and know that I can cut out all those stitches out around that frame instead of ripping out the wrong ones.  I think it would be a lot quicker for me and then I 'll correctly stitch it the whole thing.